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Title : Application of TiO2-S Modified Clay Composite for Adsorption-Degradation of Methylene Blue

Abstract :

The preparation of clay-TiO2-S composite as adsorption-degradation material has been carried out. Clay-TiO2-S composite is obtained by mixing clay with TiO2 powder doped S for the pillarization method. Clay characterization was performed using SEM and FTIR. The characterization results showed that there were differences in the pore of the clay before activation and after activation. Activated clay designated that clay was a type of montmorillonite. The TiO2-S composite was analyzed using UV-Vis DRS which indicated a change in anatase TiO2 bandgap of 3.2 eV to 3.0 eV. The results of FTIR analysis on clay-TiO2-S composite specified a new peak that was different from the results of FTIR analysis of activated clay and indicated the presence of Ti-O adsorption bands and the strain of S-H, S-N, and S-O. Methylene blue adsorption was optimally achieved by clay adsorbents at 30 minutes contact time on 1.553 mg.g-1 with an adsorption efficiency of 86.41%. Optimum degradation of TiO2 was occured at 90 minutes contact time on 1.590 mg.g-1 with a degradation efficiency of 88.46%. The optimum adsorption-degradation of clay-TiO2-S composite (material mass 0.5 g) showed an adsorption power of 0.337 mg.g-1 with an adsorption efficiency of 93.87%, while the optimum degradation power is 0.341 mg.g-1 with a degradation efficiency of 94.94%. Clay-TiO2-S composite showed a great potential with a adsorption-degradation working system in the treatment of environmentally friendly textile waste in the future

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