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Title : Application of Solar Renewable Energy in Water Pumping

Abstract :

This article reports a special application of Renewable Energy (RE) in solar energy source and technology, tending to assist other researchers and technologists in extending its field of application in the aim of replacing  RE-  instead of hydrocarbon fuel energy which causes harmful effects on the environment and climate- changes. Using of RE as an excellent approach to mitigate climate change which needs this clean energy to meet energy demand for the future and saving the environment.  .Interrelation between sustainable development and –RE- in practice is still limited in knowledge and application. RE technologies projects have been started to facilitate and increase the utilization of  RE resources. Using solar energy in water pumping in our work will incorporate with other activities in the application. We used a water pump using direct solar energy to left water up to  1m, 10m, and 20m heads and to determine the flow rates in those cases. The experiment took place in  Karbala –city. The results are found in the text

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