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Title : Application of ion pair Complex Formation Reaction to the Spectrophotometric Investigation of Naproxen Sodium in bulk and Tablets

Abstract :

Design of a spectral method for estimating Naproxen sodium by the ion pair complex creation with the safranine dye in the existence of the basic medium with the methanol as organic solvent to establish a color product soluble in the organic solvent, displaying the maximum absorption at λMAX 518 nm additionally and at concentration ranging from (2 -60 μg / ml) according to Beer rule. The absorption quality of molars reached 6.578 ×103 L. mol-1. Centimeter-1, 0.030 mg cm-2 Shandell's sensitivity analysis, 0.945 μg / ml as detection limit, the relative standard deviation of the procedure does not surpass 0.732 percent of the process used effectively for the evaluation of Naproxen in tablets varied from 100.380- 100.610 percent for both specific and normal additions. A statistical analysis of the outcomes was introduced utilizing T and F at 95℅ as confidence intervals. The outcomes of the statistical intervention indicated that there was no substantial diff erence between the two methods and, as a result, the recommended approach was appropriate for the pharm aceutical application. The results showed that the technique was reliable, accurate as well as reproducible (relative standard deviation < 2%), Whilst it is easy, cheap and much less labor intensive, the evaluation of NAP in formulations and breakdown experiments can therefore be properly implemented.

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