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Title : Application and Use of Business Intelligence to Monitor Corporate Finance

Abstract :

Today the business world is developing very dynamically. Every company must always develop with innovation because the development and market demand and consumers are very dynamic and always changing. This will have an impact on the company's revenue and expenses. Management is demanded to be able to make quick decisions to support these decisions. But the decision must be with a lot of consideration even though management is required to make decisions that are fast, precise and effective. In this article the method proposed by researchers to develop business intelligence for finance is to use the ASAP method which has 5 phases, namely project preparation, blueprint, realization, final preparation and production support. Many companies have not used technology to help management in making decisions. Many of them rely on daily reports to do a summary even though this takes time. Using business intelligence is a misuse of the right technology. Business Intelligence itself is one of the proper uses of technology. The use of business intelligence must also be supported by data warehouses and operational systems so that daily data will be processed and reported to management as a media for decision making. In this study, BI systems, data warehouse and operational systems use SAP systems and operational systems use ERP. The research has limitation that cloud base data not yet adopted. In this study where there is a BI system associated with monitoring revenue, cost, balance sheet and ratio. The method used is the Accelerated SAP (ASAP) method. Finally, in the final results of this study where management can control and see the financial aspects of the company before making a decision

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