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Title : Analysis of Water Consumption Behaviour in Gambiran II Springs with Dynamic System Model

Abstract :

Gambiran II springs that come from within the forest area are natural resources that are utilized not only to meet the needs of the surrounding people but also to ensure the needs of creatures in the forest. The flow of springs that continue to decline from year to year is inversely proportional to the population that utilizes increasing water so that it is necessary to identify the factors that cause the decline in discharge and sustainable water utilization solutions with increased consumption. Local community today utilize the entire flow of discharge springs for their needs so as to potentially cause problems of unsustainable utilization because they do not pay attention to the social, economic and ecological dimensions. Identification of factors that cause decreased discharge from rainfall parameters and land closures become the starting point for efforts to improve management and solutions of dynamic system approaches designed to look at future projections of water usage quantity that pay attention to social, economic and ecological dimensions. Dynamic system scenarios are predicted to support sustainable water management if the quantity of water used is 50% of the flow discharge and the community lowers a capita consumption of water according to the standard of various water needs.

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