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Title : Analysis of the Road Conditions Effect on Regional Accessibility

Abstract :

Penukal Abab Lematang Ilir (PALI) Regency which has a large area potential is located in the South Sumatra Province of Indonesia. PALI Regional Development needs to be supported by the development of road networks to increase regional accessibility, especially for potential areas. The calculation of accessibility in Indonesia is unique considering that some of the roads on the road network have unfavorable conditions, so in the accessibility calculation is necessary enter the length and condition of the road. In this study the accessibility calculation was based on regional connectivity and analyzed the effect of distance and road conditions in the accessibility calculation. The Roadroid tool was used in identifying the condition of the road network in PALI Regency. The results showed that the length and condition of the road significantly affect the ranking of regional accessibility when compared to the ranking of accessibility which is calculated only based on connectivity between regions. The regional accessibility ranking calculated based on road connectivity and length has a ranking match with the regional accessibility ranking based on connectivity, length and road conditions, but there is a difference in the ranking of accessibility on roads that have a large percentage for poor road conditions. Including the road length and road conditions in the ranking of regional accessibility in Indonesia is important to get an actual ranking of regional accessibility

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