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Title : Analysis of Citizen Satisfaction on National Agency of Drug and Food Control of Republic Indonesia (NADFC)

Abstract :

Citizen satisfaction describes the public opinion and perception of government service quality. In the urban area, citizen is demanding high performance of government service as private company services do. The purpose of this paper is to measure the citizen satisfaction of The National Agency of Drug and Food Control of the Republic of Indonesia (NADFC) services. In this paper, the citizen satisfaction survey was taken on 480 companies as NADFC customers in 2018. The data were analyzed using the Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) technique. The citizen satisfaction measurement was adopted from PERMENPAN RB no. 14/ 2017, which includes nine services indicators. The result showed that the service indicators in the high performance quadrant are service fee and officer attitudes. The service indicators in the high priority quadrant are complaint handling; registration requirements; and service settlement time. Officer competence; product service; systems, mechanism and procedure are in the low priority quadrant. The support facility is in the possible overkill area

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