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Title : Analysis of Biopore Drainage System to Control the Floods in the Urban Cluster

Abstract :

The research novelty was to find an effective drainage system for flood hazards in an urban cluster, which is located in a metropolitan city that is experiencing rapid development. The drainage system using biopore infiltration holes (LRB) is an effective system for dealing with flooding. The biopore infiltration hole is a cylindrical hole coated with a plastic pipe that is planted in the ground vertically with a diameter of 10 cm and a depth of 100 cm. The analysis of the LRB is based on daily average maximum rainfall, rainfall intensity, flood discharge, the number of LRB holes. The rainfall intensity analyzed using a diagram of the hyetograph approach. The result of the flood discharge plan was found around 0.98 m3/second, it obtained by SWMM 5.0 modeling for a period of 100 years. The results demonstrated that 750 holes LRB on the roadside with a span of 750 meters near the primary channel may reduction the drainage load by 33.48 %. The discharge absorbed by the biopore infiltration hole is 0.328125 m3/second. The biopore infiltration hole was successful in reducing flooding in the urban cluster

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