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Title : Analysis Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Particulate Matter (PM2.5) from Motor Vehicle Emission during the 2018 Asian Games

Abstract :

The 18th ASIAN Games was held in Jakarta in August 2018. Growth in the number of motor vehicles in Jakarta is 8% per year in the last five years. Gas emissions from motor vehicles contain air pollutants with the highest percentage of carbon monoxide (CO) 70.5% and Particulate Matter (PM) of 1.33%. Although the percentage of PM is small, this pollutant has a harmful impact on respiratory health compared to other pollutants. The purpose of this study is to analyze CO and PM2.5 concentrations during the Asian Games and compare with Indonesia National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS), to analyze each type of motor vehicle volume with emission load, and to analyze the correlation between CO and PM2.5 concentrations with the emission load. The research method was applied by collecting primary data during the Asian Games using ITX multi gas monitor for CO and Particle Counter HT-9600 for PM2.5. The vehicle volume was counted by using IHCM conversion and the emission load by emission factor from Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF). The results showed the highest average ambient concentrations of CO and PM2.5 occurred on weekdays, respectively 11ppm and 35μg/Nm3 . The CO concentration has exceeded the NAAQS. The highest vehicle volume is the motorcycle with the highest CO emission load, followed by gasoline-fueled cars. The correlation between vehicle volume and PM2.5 emission load was 19.3% and for CO was 38%

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