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Title : Analysis and Measurement of Human Capital Based on Multi Criteria Decision- Making (MCDM) Technique

Abstract :

This paper aims to evaluate and measure human capital in commercial banks based on different criteria using multi-decision-making techniques, and rank the banks according to value (Quality of HC) to identify banks that need to develop human capital. Numerous studies have been conducted in term of intellectual capital and its effect on the firm’s performance. Wherein, this term referred to the intangible asset that consist of the components are human capital, structural capital and relational capital. The banks under investigation will be ranked using MCDM techniques, namely the integrated Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Vlsekriterijumska Optimizacija Kompromisno Resenje (VIKOR). Moreover, this study used standard deviations to ensure banks ranking which performs in order to validate the objective of this study systematically. The results indicated the integration of AHP and VIKOR in solving the problems of human capital in measuring base of multi criteria and banks ranking according to the value of human capital for each bank. In conclusion, this paper provides indications from the literature with practical evidences on the impact of human capital into a growing global body of researches on the nature, size and characteristics of intellectual capitals

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