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Title : Analysis and enhancement of advanced wired / wireless routing protocol using machine learning algorithms in communication networked

Abstract :

The route is the method used to select the best path in the network and transmit data along the selected path. This article will examine advanced routing algorithms for wired / wireless networks by in-depth study of the latest routing algorithms on these networks, studying these algorithms to study the efficiency and effectiveness of the evaluated algorithms. This document will adopt open shortest path first for wired networks and ad hoc on-demand distance vector for wireless networks. This paper focuses on the overview of routing algorithms used in wired and wireless networks such as open shortest path first and ad hoc on-demand distance vector, as they are best suited for two types of networks. The following subsection explains the key features of these protocols. This article focuses on the general nature of wired/wireless routing algorithms and the use of machine learning methods for improvements and enhancements.

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