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Title : Analysis and Dynamic Simulation of Synchronous Motor

Abstract :

This work presents a comprehensive study of the dynamic simulation and analysis of synchronous motor with field excitation. The dynamic model of the synchronous motor with damper windings was derived by the equations of the coupled stator and rotor circuits together with the mechanical equations of motion of the rotor. The Park’s Transformation approach was employed with the reference frame fixed in the rotor. The mathematical model of the motor was examined under two loading conditions: step and ramp loading. The excitation voltage was constant at 50V for both conditions. The simulation was run for 6 seconds; the motor parameters were plotted against time. At 4 seconds, a step load of 150Nm and ramp load starting from 100Nm was applied under both loading conditions. The performances of the synchronous motor were observed during the starting, steady state and ramp loading conditions of the motor. At no load motor attains steady state at 3 seconds with overshoots at startup, at loading conditions the motor showed quick response in damping out transients due to sudden load input. The motor pulled out of synchronism at maximum torque of 210Nm under ramp conditions. It was observed that field excitation varied proportionally to pullout torque and load current. Simulations were carried out using Embedded MATLAB/Simulink tool box in MATLAB software

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