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Title : An Investigative Study: Why does Stunting Still Happen in Indonesia?

Abstract :

Stunting is one of the main targets for managing child health problems in the world up to 2025. Stunting has a negative impact on children, both physically, psychologically, cognitively and economically. Therefore, this study aims to investigate the causes of stunting in Indonesia, especially in Magelang District, Central Java. The study was conducted with a mix method, which was a case control with a retrospective and qualitative approach with a phenomenological approach. Data collection was conducted on 69 children aged 6-59 months who experienced stunting as a case and non-stunting child as controls, as well as in-depth interviews with 5 mothers who had stunting children. The results, during pregnancy the mother consumes low nutritional food, the child does not get exclusive breastfeeding and consumption of nutritious food in the child is also low, and the child does not get complete immunization. In conclusion, the factors that cause stunting are low consumption of nutritious food in pregnant women, low consumption of nutritious food in children, children not getting exclusive breastfeeding and incomplete immunization status of children

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