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Title : An Intelligent Combinatorial Key Stream Generator for Wireless Communication System

Abstract :

with the incremental growth of the communication system, information security becomes an important issue. The need for securing information in fast, reliable, and relatively low-cost methods lead the researchers to work intensively in this field to find the optimum protective method that satisfies these requirements. A stream cipher is the most widely used technique in securing transmission data in the communication system since the overall security of the system depends only on the keystream used. This paper presents an intelligent approach to generate a keystream based on a combinatorial generator and clock-control generator. The design includes new techniques such as the saturated best resilient (SBR) function as a combined function and two nonlinear feedback shifts register (NLFSRs), using recency based memory techniques from the Tabu search to implement the clock-control method. The developed generator focuses on the keystream design for stream cipher by combining the strongest of the combinatorial generator with the complexity in the analysis of the clock control generator to avoid high immunity attacks. The output keystream from the generator passes the entire NIST test and two more correlation test with very good results

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