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Title : An integrated model for empirically testing sharia fintech adoption

Abstract :

The development of sharia FinTech in the Non-Bank Financial Industry (IKNB) is proliferating. Understanding the crucial factors in the acceptance of sharia FinTech technology is very important to support success in this business platform. This study investigates the factors that drive the intention of adoption sharia FinTech based on the model that integrated TAM, TPB, and prior research. This research framework consists of three dimensions, i.e., implementation, technological, and individual context. The results of this study indicate that interpersonal influence and perceived usefulness have significant effects on sharia FinTech intention. Compatibility has a positive effect on perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use. Furthermore, perceived ease of use has a positive effect on internet self-efficacy but has no effect on attitude and sharia FinTech intention. Meanwhile, the individual context has no direct effect on sharia FinTech intention. Several exciting implications are also discussed. This study contributes to extend the TAM and TPB models in the area of shariah FinTech as a new research platform that needs to be further developed

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