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Title : An Experimental Study On Ultraviolet Sensor Signal Pattern on Glass and Porcelain High Voltage Insulators During Discharge Activities

Abstract :

There are many types of discharge detection method being studied in the past to monitor insulator surface discharges with new methods being introduced from time to time. Recently, measurements on the ultraviolet signals emitted during insulators' surface discharges have shown to be a good method to detect surface discharge from the insulator transmission line. The most common method is the ultraviolet imaging method and ultraviolet pulse method. However, the ultraviolet imaging method is known to be expensive. Hence, laboratory investigations were carried out where UVTRON R2868 Flame Sensor was used to detect the ultraviolet signal emitted from insulator during discharge activities. In this study, the insulator samples used were glass and ceramic type of pin insulators to verify the effectiveness of flame sensors in detecting ultraviolet pulse from both types of material of insulator. Day and rainy conditions were also simulated in the environmental chamber for both type insulator materials. Various discharge intensities were generated to closely mimic the service condition by varying the applied voltage in order to study the correlation between the ultraviolet signals of various discharge levels with the type of insulator material. At the end of the study, the result shows that the flame sensor could detect the ultraviolet pulse emitted from both types of pin insulators during the day and rainy conditions. This study illustrates that the ultraviolet pulse method using the UVTRON R2868 flame sensor is another potential tool to monitor the insulator surface condition during service

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