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Title : An Efficient Genetic Algorithm with Exploitation and Oscillation Strategy for solving integer Factorization Problem

Abstract :

finding large prime numbers from two prime numbers is a relatively easy task, the problem of factoring the product of two such numbers considered computationally intractable if the primes are carefully selected. This problem called the integer factorization problem. Based on the difficulty of this problem, many public-key cryptosystems developed like RSA, Rabin, and Williams. This cryptosystem together with the development of high-speed computers for the implementation and testing of sophisticated algorithms draws the attention of the researcher to study it. This paper proposed an efficient genetic algorithm for solving the factorization problem. The new efficient features, which are the strategic oscillation (embedded in crossover operation), and exploitation (embedded in the mutation operation), are selected from the meta-heuristic tabu–search. The proposed genetic algorithm has implemented and evaluated against the former algorithms. Test results show that it performs more efficiently in exploring different search space than both algorithms to find the solution

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