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Title : Ammonia and Suspended Solids Removal in Saline Landfill Leachate Using Clinoptilolite

Abstract :

This work dwells on the performance evaluation of saline landfill leachate treatment for removing concentrated ammonia Cal-nitrogen, NH3-N (3449 mg/L) and suspended solids, SS (1035 mg/L) by using clinoptilolite. The treatment efficiency of both contaminants was investigated via a batch experiment involving five vital variables of specified ranges including particle size (75 to 355 μm), adsorbent dosage (10 to 140 g), reaction time (5 to 70 min), pH (5 to 10), and stirring speed (50 to 400 rpm). The study revealed high removal capacities of NH3-N and SS up to 59% and 57% respectively, achieved at respective optimum operating variables of 75 to 150 μm, 110 g/750 mL, 60 min, pH 9, and 250 rpm. The adsorption equilibrium mechanism suited well with the Langmuir isotherm and pseudo-second-order kinetic models. The procedure is potential to be employed for the remediation of high concentration pollutants in mature and methanogenic saline landfill leachate as an integrated process with other methods either as a pre or post-treatment. However, a pilot plant test is recommended to further establish the treatment design criteria prior to its real application in the field

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