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Title : Aeolian Tones by Flow Passing Two Square Cylinders in Tandem Arrangement with Detached Plate

Abstract :

Nowadays, the study on fluid flow over bluff bodies is utmost important and as a fundamental topic in fluid mechanics. Generally, when a bluff body is immersed in a fluid flow, a strong tonal noise or whistle-liked noise will produce. This sound is known as Aeolian tones. This study will investigate the Aeolian tones radiated by flow past two square cylinders in a tandem arrangement. Two rigid flat plates placed in the wake of two square cylinders are investigated numerically at Reynolds number of 150, 500, 1000, 2500 and 5000. Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) with ANSYS Software is used to do the simulation. Two types of flow are observed at different Reynolds numbers. At low Reynolds number, the vortex formation easily occurs. Typically, the Von Karman Street Vortex is more clearly observed in low Reynolds number. At high Reynolds number, the characteristic of the flow propagation shows similar patterns. Less entrainment of the flow occurred and the vortex is reattached together formed a streamline at high Reynolds number. The sound produced is measured by using the acoustic power level. The higher the Reynolds number, the higher the sound occupied at the vicinity of the cylinders. The maximum acoustic power level is 42.7 dB which occurred at gap length G=3.0 D

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