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Title : Adoption of i-Voting Platform in Nigeria: Dealing with Network-level Cybersecurity concerns

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In 2019, elections in Nigeria gulped a whopping 234.5 billion Naira as against the 108.5 billion Naira approved for the nation’s electoral body in 2015. Growth in population of registrable voters and number of parties were cited as the cause of increased funding. Internet voting have been proposed and used in some countries. Transparency, efficiency and effectiveness had been documented as grounds for i-voting. In the same vein, there has been several arguments against the adoption of i-voting. The Increasing spate of cyber-attacks had been put forward as potential barriers to electronic platforms. This paper addresses these cybersecurity concerns using a sociotechnical approach with emphasis on the network components. We have identified the various attacks to which a live i-voting platform may encounter at core, distribution, and access levels. Consequent upon penetration tests, we provided insights as to mechanisms towards ensuring cyber-resilience and trust in the contemporary Nigerian elections

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