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Title : Addressing challenges to a systematic thinking pattern of scientists: A literature review of cognitive bias in scientific work

Abstract :

The scientist plays an essential role in making discoveries and inventions. However, human limitation and individual reasoning can obstruct the way of doing science. Knowing the systems thinking process is an essential approach to understanding how scientific products are influenced by various factors. Research on cognitive biases can help this interest in understanding these limitations among scientists. We discuss scientific activities that consider the history and philosophy of science and the sustainable future requiring creative problem solving, which can be very susceptible to cognitive biases. We also pay attention to the multilayered nature of current scientific work, where the scientist works individually and collaborates with colleagues. Thus, this paper discusses the framework of cognitive biases related to scientific work. Weighing those considerations, we construct an alternative new framework by listing the biases in scientific work. We close by recommending the validation of this framework to become a potential construct that would be helpful for further study.

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