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Title : Adaptive Routing Protocol RPL in IOT Networks based on Content Centric

Abstract :

Internet Engineering Task Force in March 2012 approved the routing protocol of IPv6 for lossy and low power networks (RPL) as the normal routing protocol for the Internet of Things (IoT). From then, it was utilized in various IoT applications. Although RPL significantly meets the IoT network needs, some open challenges still exist as it was not primarily planned for IoT applications. Though, collecting a huge deal of data from these networks with videos and images often result in traffic congestion within the central network area. For solving this problem, our study suggests the content-centric routing CCR-based RPL, in which the content determines the routing pathways. A larger ratio of data aggregation can be attained through routing the related data to the middle relaying nodes for processing, therefore, the traffic is effectively produced within the network. Consequently, a significant reduction in latency can be obtained. Furthermore, the energy use is predominantly reduced on wireless communication thus preserving the restricted battery. Further integration was performed between CCR and the IETF RPL protocol and applied within the MATLAB platform. Ultimately, both implementation and simulation results demonstrate the greater behavior of CCR-based RPL based on the high packet transferring rates and decrease the numbers of dead nodes, low delay rates, and high energy efficiency in transferring

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