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Title : A Study of Archimedes Screw Turbine Scheme of Pico-Hydro Power Plant Using the Utilized Irrigation Water

Abstract :

One completion in complying the energy needs is to utilize Renewable Energy that is as the alternative to encounter the decreasing fossil-energy. Hydro Power Plant is the one that utilizes hydro as the source. Technically, there are three main components of Hydro Power Plant, namely kinetic energy, turbine, and generator. The turbine aims to convert the water-flow to kinetic energy through the rotor shaft. Archimedes Screw Turbine has used for this research hence it performs at each different for the low-head and zero-head stage. The flowrate that has the certain head stage can spin the turbine using generator to produce electricity. The concern of this research is to know how the scheming turbine can utilize hydro energy that is in reservoir and this aims to scheme the turbine. The research finding shows that the higher flowrate, the higher electrical power can be produced. The calculation results receive 9,4435watt for the lowest electric potential applying to 0,0030 m3/s for the flowrate, and 203,4246watt for the highest electric potential applying to 0,0641 m3/s for the flowrate. Thereafter, the scheming of the turbine specifically has a 0,1955 m for the diameter, 0,0586 m for the rotor blade and 0,2346 m for the pitch.

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