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Title : A Short-Term Forecasting Model to Assess the Efficiency of Thai Government Management in Energy Consumption under Environmental Law

Abstract :

Thailand has established the development plan in economic, social, and environment for all terms; long-term plan (20 years), medium-term plan (10 years), and short-term plan (every 5 years). Among the terms, short-term plan is considered crucial for the national administration to realize sustainable development, especially in energy consumption. This concern has been a main problem for Thailand. therefore, the purpose of this research is to create a forecasting model in estimating short-term energy consumption. This estimation is to measure the efficiency of Thai government administration in managing the consumption under the environmental law. As of the study’s findings, it shows that in the next 5 years (2020-2024) energy consumption will rise at an increased growth. The indicated increment is found greater than a carrying capacity. Thus, this study recommends the government to form a new scenario policy on energy consumption, which does not exceed rate of 2019 capacity limit. It suggests that green technology and renewable energy should replace fossil fuel as a new approach for energy consumption in order to obtain a sustainability

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