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Title : A revisit of the Internet of Things for Healthcare Applications

Abstract :

Internet of Things (IoT) is the development of the Internet and has been acquisition increased attention from researchers, developers in both industrial environments and academic. The hcapacity for communication and data collection possible, providing several opportunities for many IoT applications, particularly medical and healthcare systems. In spite of all the advantages, there are still a lot of open issues that represent the main challenges for Internet of Things, for example information security, privacy, accessibility, portability, and interoperability. IoT provides important characteristics to medical healthcare systems, such as mobility, scalability, and availability that offer an architectural basis for very high technological healthcare applications, such as real-time patient monitoring, environmental and indoor quality monitoring, and ubiquitous and pervasive information access that benefits health professionals and patients. This paper reviews the recent application and the platform architecture of IoT in addition to showing all the challenges and the open issues of IoT. Furthermore, this research synthesizes the existing body of knowledge and identifies the gaps that open up new considerable and challenging future research directions

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