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Title : A review of fetal phonocardiography sensors for development of fetal welfare assessment device

Abstract :

There is a strong need for improvement of vital information on perinatal health due to high rate of anomalies such as stillbirths especially in low and middle-income countries to ensure normal and safe delivery as well as healthy baby after birth. The fetal heart rate (FHR) monitoring is an important tool for trucking the fetal health condition during pregnancy based on parameters such electrical signals, magnetic fields and acoustic vibrations which consequently enable early detection and diagnosis of fetal heart abnormalities. Various Electronic Fetal Monitoring (EFM) techniques have been used during pregnancy and delivery to ensure the fetal heart grows and functions properly. Of them, the fetal Phonocardiography (fPCG), the modern form of auscultation, is a graphical recording of fetal heart sounds (FHS) acquired from the mother’s abdomen surface. In contrast to other techniques, fPCG is safer for repetitive and long-term application which is highly recommended for high risk pregnancies. In this paper, various fPCG sensors were reviewed and compared with a purpose of developing a convenient, cost-effective, and reliable home based FHR monitoring device. The review concluded that electret microphone PUM-5250R-L model is recommended for its high sensitivity and SNR. Therefore, it will be used to develop the proposed device to acquire and measure FHS physiological parameters non-inversely

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