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Title : A Review of Comparative Spatial Domain Techniques of Steganography and Watermarking

Abstract :

The steganography and watermarking systems are cousins in information security which belong to the same family of data, where between of them have a common feature with its own characteristics. The main objective of digital watermarking is to deal with image authentication, while data hiding is the basic target for steganography. Both systems are focusing on image security. During the great computer revolution and the development of the communications network, it became difficult to control the security of the data transmitted between the sender and the authorized receiver. Therefore, there must be a robust system that protects these confidential data. Therefore, a lot of researchers develop different methods of steganography and watermarking using two different domains, spatial domain, and frequency domain. This paper discusses a comprehensive comparison of methods used in the areas of steganography and watermarking in a spatial domain only

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