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Title : A Prediction to Potential Improvement in Reducing N1 Vehicles Accident Fatality Rate in Malaysia

Abstract :

The number of commercial vehicles in Malaysia are growing rapidly following the growth of logistic industry and the rapid urbanization in this country. This can cause a rise to the commercial vehicles market and the economy of Malaysia, but the statistics of road accident fatalities involving commercial vehicles is worrying to the road environment and all road users. The Binary Logistic Regression analysis is done to identify the factors that affect the severity of accident which are fatal or non-fatal, and develop a prediction model for future potential improvement. The result showed that Airbags, Vehicle Structure and Speeding are significant in affecting the accident severity of N1 category vehicles accident. This study also found that Airbags itself are negatively affect accident severity, while Speeding is the most contributing factor since the beta value is the highest compared to other variables

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