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Title : A Model for Rotodynamic Problems: A Case of Short Journal Bearing with Upper Point Injection Port

Abstract :

In this work, modeling and determination of the stationary eccentricity and attitude angle for a short journal bearing with single external pressurization at an arbitrary point injection port are treated. As for hybrid journal bearing, both hydrodynamic and injection forces are simultaneously considered in the Reynolds Equation. Modeling of this point injection port is performed using a Dirac spatial delta function, which allows obtain pressure fields in closed analytical form. The pressure field given by analytical expression allows to determine, also in analytical form, the pressure force components, equilibrium eccentricity and attitude angle. A special case, when the applied load is collinear with the pressurized injection direction is analyzed, which corresponds to an injection port located at the upper part of the journal bearing. Tables relating eccentricity, attitude angle, external pressurization force and Sommerfeld number for the attained stationary position are given.

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