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Title : A Comprehensive Review on Impact FACTS Devices in The Power Transmission System with A Mathematical Model of Power System

Abstract :

With the fast growth in the switching of power electronics especially the high-power semiconductor switches with turn on/off Ability have become now available, Voltage Source Converter (VSC) subordinate control units for applications of power transmission system become a reality. In this paper, the archetypes of some of the second generation Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) controllers for series device types such as TSSC, TCSC, SSSC and TCSR, parallel device types such as TCR, TSC, SVC, STATCOM and SVG, and finally, compensators combined such as IPFC and UPFC have presented with analysis and effect when injected in power transmission system. This paper provides a comprehensive review of the progress made in the facts. as well as, the general illustration of the FACTS controllers is presented

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