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Title : 3-D Seismic Survey Design for Reservoir Imaging in West Kifl-Merjan Oil Fields in Middle of Iraq

Abstract :

Three Dimension (3-D) seismic design is subjected to the Merjan – West Kifl fields, which are, represent geological subsurface structures and productive oil fields in middle Iraq. An objective of this study is to determine the most important acquisition parameters that could design an optimum 3-D reflection seismic survey suitable to obtain high qualitative seismic imaging for four main reservoirs. Hartha, Zubair, Najma and Kurra Chine in Merjan – West Kifl oil fields as target reservoirs in this area. In general, it found that the selected Bin size 25*25 m to be appropriate for sampling the reflected waves field at the study area. This bin size is selected to indicate also the group interval and the source interval for the survey. The source interval and receiver interval are found to be 50m. For this survey design, a dip of 30̊ with max frequency 70H have been considered. Migration aperture is found to be necessary to build full fold coverage area and it impact on survey cost. Migration aperture is computed using liner variation of velocity with depth and it is found equal 2450m. All these parameters calculation and statistical was performed using MESA Expert v11.02 program.

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