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Title : Magnetic Field Induction Method for Characterization and Determination of Soils Type with Induction Voltage Measurement

Abstract :

The purpose of this research is to apply the magnetic field induction method to determine the type of soil. This soil type information is used to assess the suitability of the land for cultivation. The method was applied by using two types of coils which is functioned as transmitters and receivers’ probes.  The voltage response measured on the receiving coil is analyzed to differentiate between each type of soil.  Some type of soils, have been used in this measurement, including laterite, sediment, humus, clay and volcanic soils. Based on measurements, all soils have successfully responded to the voltage on the receiving coil and can be distinguished from one another from the voltage value. Volcanic soils, which contain the largest element of aluminum, namely 45%, provide the largest electrical voltage response. Meanwhile, humus soil, which contains 1% aluminum, provides the smallest electrical voltage response.

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